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You enjoy flying . . . can you enjoy your Flight Review?

A Flight Review is not a test.

FAA Advisory Circular 61-98B says "The CFI must be aware that the flight review is not a test or check ride, but an instructional service designed to assess and enhance a pilot’s knowledge and skills."

61-98B  also says, "Before undertaking the review, the CFI should interview the pilot to determine the nature of his or her flying and operating requirements."

I also ask you about areas you'd seek to improve . . . when you're done with your Flight Review you should feel GREAT! . . . and that's why FLIGHT REVIEWS ARE FUN.

Sod field pilots with whom I was very familiar, would get by in minimum time, one hour of ground and one hour of flight . . . $80 out of their pocket ($40 per contact hour).

BUT, I am finding more pilots who really want to improve their abilities and knowledge . . . and leave a Flight Review in great shape . . . like they just got out of the gym with a good trainer.

No matter who you use for your flight review, enable this approach.
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For those who'd like to reach me, text my phone and/or leave a message. I get many spam calls, so the 'text then call' system works best.

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PS: Should you have a plane-less acquaintance who would enjoy getting his feel of flying back at a budget price, I now have a good ole' Piper Colt in action. Makes people happy 'cause it's so easy to land. It goes for $135 per hour including me instructing . . . assume another $20 for a half hour of ground review.

Piper Colt